Air quality contracting companies consultants conduct indoor emissions services using mobile equipment and advice on compliance assurance for private and commercial sites. These companies keep track of chemical and biological (food or pharmaceutical) particulate emissions or sprays into indoor air, some types of mold contamination and moisture and odor control and detect and make recommendations for eliminating quality defects in the ventilation and purification systems. Larger air testing and assurance companies can even be hired by pharmaceutical companies to ensure adequate indoor air control measures being implemented onsite and all the technical and statistical reports are issued. The detectable level of various substances is based on contractor’s equipment as well as specific set of target substances they aim to detect based on established quality standards and guidelines. Removal of harmful substances and residue is usually performed by separate contractor firm in order to protect indoor environment from this harmful agents and lower their concentrations to acceptable norms.

There are many types of emissions checked and reported, they can contain gases and biological agents, harmful substances released into the indoor (sometimes outdoor) residential or commercial environments. Mobile app-based device allows contractors to report actual air quality readings and pollution rates to pharmaceutical or food processing companies, office space or home environments in real play time according to the adopted standards. This allows comparison with government regulations, as well as developing and issuing recommendations for eliminating defects or simply reaching lower air emissions right away in the time frame allowed and using mobile device if needed.

Detection and emission control helps residential and commercial business to come up with a sensible solution to save time, money and reduce costs of human health and air quality related concerns and establish a stricter control over procedures and emission indicators to keep them in check in home by family or by utilizing for example app-based measures on a mobile device.

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