It wasn’t all that long ago that only the Dallas Cowboys had football coaching software. The jokes about how the coaching staff were robots relying on the information that the computer spit out aren’t quite as funny anymore as even youth football coaches now regularly keep track of their plays on their laptops on the sidelines.

In the 1960’s, Dallas Cowboy’s coach Tom Landry became the first football coach to realize the value of a computer. He revolutionized computer use for the draft and on game day. The Cowboy’s complete belief in the results that the computer spit out was lampooned by former Cowboys wide receiver Pete Gent wrote a best-selling novel, North Dallas Forty based on his time with the team. The book, which was made into a movie starring Nick Nolte.

In the 40 plus years since, football coaches at all levels have found more and better ways to keep track of every results from every football play. These statistics have produced major changes in the way a youth football coach approaches game day. It all starts in the preseason where height, weight, strength and the results of numerous sprint distances are timed and put into spreadsheets. These results are tabulated and allows the coach to put together his starting line-up.

Once the line-up is set, most football coaching software tracks results of each and every football play against certain teams and/or certain defenses. This gives the the coach a clear picture of what plays will work and what will not. There is even coaching software that will script your practice.

All football coaches are looking for an edge, that special something that will www.ufabet put one in the win column. Football coaching software is just one tool to help.