Have you ever been looking for a word and simply cannot find it fast enough? Well this is common really and there is nothing wrong with you, but you can increase your brain recall by taking certain brain supplement vitamins. In the future we may have technologies, which can increase your brain recall to faster speeds using non-invasive brain wave induction or sound vibrations. But will people want this?

Would you install a computerized instant brain recall device or computer human interface system with instant recall brain wave technologies in your head? What if you had to in order to get paid a high salary or beat out a competitor who wanted the same job? What if you realized it meant living well or even feeding your family? Can you even imagine having the encyclopedia in Noocube results your head?

Wow, imagine the increase in efficiency and ability to call upon information. Boy if you love the internet imagine having a good chunk of it in your head for instant recall and the rest just a thought away, which that thought would wirelessly put you on line for all the human knowledge available? Could you even deal with that much informational power in the future? Can you even consider this all in your own head? Think on this in 2006.