Capsicum extract is one of the hottest new diet supplements around. It has been featured on many television shows as a proven way to lose weight faster than traditional diet and exercise alone.

What Exactly Is Capsicum Extract?

It is found naturally in fruits like jalapeno, cayenne and other spicy peppers. For years, it was used primarily as a cooking spice but doctors recently have discovered that capsicum does more than just add flavor. Capsicum is also responsible for diet induced thermogenesis (DIT) which leads to weight loss.

How Does Capsicum Extract Work?

Once ingested, capsicum increases the body’s core temperature, which speeds up metabolism. When metabolism is increased, it causes calories to be burned faster and at a higher rate than normal. In addition, thermogenic foods naturally help improve digestion and fat oxidation. Fat oxidation is the process of breaking down large fat molecules into smaller ones that produce energy.

The reason capsicum is such an effective weightRad 140 Testolone Before and After Results loss supplement is because it does three key things:

** First, it helps the body produce more energy from the same amount of calories.

** Second, it helps burn off calories and fat faster.

** And finally, it acts as an appetite suppressant, helping an individual stay full longer.

Is Capsicum Extract Right For You?

The extract is taken directly from peppers and is completely safe. The supplement may be taken each day but the recommended dosage should be observed. Most doctors recommend a daily limit of 200mg. This is the optimal dosage that provides the maximum benefits with the least possible risk of negative side effects.

Although most pills have outer coatings designed to be easy on the stomach, some stomachs may still be too sensitive for the supplement. Anyone with a history of gastrointestinal disorders or ulcers should consult with their doctor before starting this supplement regime.